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Our Leadership

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Erica Aguilar
Executive Director 

Erica Aguilar is the Executive Director of BPF, and is responsible nationally for administration and management, resource and donor development, and program support for the surviving families, the families of the U.S. Border Patrol, and BPF scholarship programs. Erica coordinates BPF’s various events, and is the liaison between BPF, the Border Patrol and their families.  


She is the surviving spouse of SBPA Luis A. Aguilar, and she and her children also serve as ambassadors to USBP families of the fallen-on behalf of BPF. Erica is based in El Paso, TX. 

Erica can be reached at

Our Executive Committee

Chief Rowdy Adams

President, USBP, Ret.

Rowdy Adams.png

Brannon Donlon

Vice President

Brannon picture (1).jpg

Brian Creswick


BPCreswick - new_edited_edited_edited_ed

John Moriarty


johnmoriarty (1).jpg

Dan Dreyfus

Strategic Growth & Communications

Dreyfus_Picture (1) (1).jpg

Our Board of Directors

Commissioner David Aguilar

USBP, Ret.


Chief Ronald Colburn

USBP, Ret.

Ron Colburn (1).jpg

Chief Mike Fisher
USBP, Ret.

Chief Fisher picture.jpg

Jennifer Ferreira

BPF_Board_Ferreira Bio.jpg

Chief Kelly Good
USBP, Ret.

Kelly Good.png

Chief Robert Harris
USBP, Ret. 


Robert Harris.jpg

Chief Scott Luck
USBP, Ret. 


Susan McHugh-Polley


Chief Carla Provost

USBP, Ret.

Chief Provost photo.jpg

Curt Steiner

curt steiner.jpg
Robert+Horn+Headshot+(PS+Edit) (1).jpg

In memoriam of our  friend and
trusted advisor

Robert Horn

8/23/1943 - 2/27/2020

Our Advisory Board

Brian Abell

Peter Babb

Nelson Balido

Julie Barth

Derek Benner

Patricia Todaro Bolin

Gary Browning

Stacy Brownstein

Sean Buckley

John Burleson

Michael Conners - BPF Co-Founder

Joe Diorio

Mike Eder 

Wes Fraser

Joel Friederich

David Goldberg 

Tony Holladay

Peter Howard

Jehan Karim

Ron Kelley

Kieran Koball

Josh Kussman

Darby LaJoye

Tara LeBlanc

Raleigh Leonard

Manish Malhtora

Susan McHugh Polley

Craig McIntire

Andrew Meehan

Charles O'Brien

Bryce Pippert

Amy Rall

Scott Recinos

Lee Shabe

Gary Tharpe

Jeremy Turner

Terry Tuttle

Mike Youngblood

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