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Our History

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The creation of Border Patrol Foundation (BPF) was inspired by the courage and commitment of U.S. Border Patrol Agents, and the sacrifice and loyalty of their families. Mike Conners, a homeland security executive in the private sector, was inspired by both his discussions with the Border Patrol Agents he met who risk their lives daily protecting our Nation’s borders, and Ron Colburn, then Senior Associate Chief of Operations at USBP Headquarters, Washington, DC.

His lifelong respect for their courage and dedication led him to make a deeply personal commitment to establish the BPF. Conners recruited various private sector professionals to serve on the initial Board of Directors. Among early Board Members were: Professor Shannon Brown, Attorney Bob Horn, non-profit executive Terry Modglin, businessman Terry Lanni, former Director of Presidential Personnel Bob Nash and former Deputy Chief Luis Barker. Conners raised corporate and personal contributions and signed the legal documents to establish Border Patrol Foundation on July 23, 2009. Tragically, Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas was killed that same evening while on duty defending our border near San Diego, CA.

The first formal meeting of the Board of Directors was called shortly thereafter. Conners was elected as the first President of BPF, serving 2009-2012. The Foundation’s first direct financial support to a family of the fallen was sent to the Robert Rosas family. The Foundation next hired a professional national director, Pat Wilder (2009-2015) and held the first BPF Recognition Dinner in November of 2009.  Retired Deputy Chief Colburn joined the Board of Directors in November 2009, serving as Treasurer and providing key leadership that helped grow the capabilities of BPF.  He was elected President in 2012 and continues his leadership of the organization today.

The USBP agents and their families are the heroes for whom BPF exists. In addition to providing immediate financial support to the families of the fallen in the line of duty, BPF has expanded its programs to provide financial assistance to those agents who are wounded, injured or have fallen ill while performing their Border Patrol duties.  BPF has expanded to support requests for the special needs of the families of agents. A personal contribution from the Lanni family, in memory of businessman and Board Member Terry Lanni, joined with Motorola to create the Silent Partner scholarship program for the children of fallen Border Patrol agents.  As BPF continues to evolve, it has expanded the levels and types of assistance provided, has increased the levels of scholarship support and continues to find new approaches to raising funds to support BPF’s mission.

BPF hosts various memorial and fundraising events around our nation, including the BPF Annual Recognition Dinner, dedicated to the families of the fallen and provides an opportunity to recognize our national leaders and volunteers whose vision, determination and skills have recognized and valued our agents and their families.  BPF’s “Founder’s Medallion” has been bestowed on Secretaries of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff, former Congressman Silvestre Reyes, Ralph Basham (former Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection and former Director of the U.S. Secret Service), former Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar, Governor Asa Hutchinson (former Under Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security), Robert Bonner (former Commissioner of CBP, former Administrator of DEA, and a former Federal Judge), Kevin McAleenan (former Commissioner of CBP and former Acting Secretary, Department of Homeland Security), former Chiefs of the Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost, Chief Rodney Scott, and current Chief Raul Ortiz, among other leaders.


Erica Aguilar (surviving spouse of Border Patrol Agent Luis A. Aguilar) serves as the Executive Director. We hope that you, too, will help us write the history of our organization by joining us, volunteering at one of our events, and contributing to the BPF.

Bob Horn presented with inaugural
"Robert Horn Spotlight Award"


On September 20, 2019, Border Patrol Foundation (BPF) honored Robert "Bob" Horn, Partner at Husch Blackwell and in whose honor the award was created, with the inaugural "Robert Horn Spotlight Award". This first-year award recognized the charitable and philanthropic efforts in dedicated support of the BPF mission to honor the memory of fallen U.S. Border Patrol Agents and to provide support and resources to their families.  

The award, presented at the offices of Husch Blackwell, was adorned with the 10th anniversary BPF challenge coin and read, "In grateful appreciation for your guidance in the creation of Border Patrol Foundation (BPF), and for 10+ years of commitment to the mission and unwavering support for BPF.  Thank you for your outstanding and selfless contributions." 

Local BPF board members and several of Bob's family members and colleagues attended the event. 

Border Patrol Foundation is grateful for Bob's support and guidance and honored to recognize his many contributions. The award will be presented annually to a recipient selected by the Board of Directors and who represents the spirit of the Bob Horn Spotlight Award.

Border Patrol Foundation Financial Documents

Border Patrol Foundation (BPF) is a 501(c)3 organization incorporated in the State of Arizona.  In-keeping with U.S. Internal Revenue Service guidance for the Public Disclosure and Availability of Exempt Organizations Returns and Applications: Documents Subject to Public Disclosure ( as well as industry best practices, BPF is pleased to provide you with information upon request.  


If you would like to know more about our financial status, we would be pleased to provide a copy of our exemption letter and copies of our Form 990 for all or any of the last 3 tax years (2020, 2019, 2018) upon request.


To request copies, please send an email to with your request, and please specify which of the documents you are requesting — tax exempt letter, 2020 Form 990, 2019 Form 990, 2018 Form 990. Thank you for your interest in BPF!  

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