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Ned D. Henderson 11-18-1945.png

Ned D. Henderson

End of Watch

November 18, 1945

1 Mourning Badge

Ned D. Henderson, Autogiro Pilot, died on November 18, 1945, from injuries he received two days earlier when the autogiro he was piloting crashed near Sullivan City, Texas. Pilot Henderson was enroute to his official station at McAllen, Texas, following a detail to San Antonio. He was alone in the plane when it crashed at about 1:00 p.m., November 16, 1945.

A witness to the accident, Mr. Francisco Flores, stated that he noticed the aircraft coming from the west just before or about the time it hit an electric high line. The autogiro hit the ground and turned over about two times before it came to rest. Mr. Flores stopped his truck and ran over to the aircraft. He rushed over to Pilot Henderson who was rolling on the ground just outside of the autogiro, his clothes and gloves on fire. Mr. Flores extinguished the flames and then improvised a shade from a blanket he had in his truck. Pilot Henderson was later removed to the McAllen Municipal Hospital by ambulance.

A physician's certificate indicates that Pilot Henderson suffered extensive burns about the face, neck, arms and legs; fracture of the right arm below the shoulder; and a deep cut across the forehead and right cheek. Death occurred at 1:30 a.m., November 18, 1945, about 36 hours after the accident.

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