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Robert J Heibler 9-7-1941.jpg

Robert J. Heibler

End of Watch

September 7, 1941

1 Mourning Badge

During the evening of September 7, 1941, Patrol Inspectors Robert J. Heibler and Eldon C. Wade were on duty inspecting traffic on U.S. Highway 90 about three miles west of Uvalde, Texas. At approximately 9:00 p.m., one of the road flares used to warn approaching traffic was blown out by the wind and Patrol Inspector Heibler, while relighting it, was struck by a passing automobile and dragged about 20 feet. The automobile did not stop and Inspector Wade did not pursue it at the time, feeling that it was more important that he render first aid to Inspector Heibler. A physician reached the scene of the accident in about 15 minutes, gave Inspector Heibler an injection of adrenalin, and continued artificial respiration, which Inspector Wade had started; however, the officer died within a few minutes.

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