Henley M. Goode, Jr

End of Watch

October 11, 1969

The morning of September 6, 1969, Patrol Inspector Henley M. Goode was injured when he fell on the steps of the U.S. Post Office Building, Fort Fairfield, Maine. He had just departed the Border Patrol office on the second floor of the building and as he neared the lobby level, he tripped and fell a short distance to the lobby floor. There were no witnesses to the accident but several postal employees who heard the sound of someone falling and heard a voice calling for help responded immediately and obtained a doctor and an ambulance. An examination revealed Patrol Inspector Goode had sustained a fractured left kneecap (patella). On October 11, Patrol Inspector Goode died unexpectedly at the Fort Fairfield Community Hospital. His death was attributed to pulmonary embolus.

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