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Earl F. Fleckinger

End of Watch

June 23, 1945

On the afternoon of June 23, 1945, Patrol Inspectors Earl F. Fleckinger and Wilbur E. Kinney were patrolling east of Calexico, California, stopping an automobile driven by a Mexican alien. Discovering liquor, the alien was placed under arrest. The officers drove him toward Calexico with Inspector Fleckinger in the government automobile and the alien seated beside him. Inspector Kinney followed behind in the alien’s automobile. Kinney heard two shots and observed the government vehicle swerving off the road into a canal bank. Inspector Kinney stopped and while exiting the vehicle, the alien fired shots failing to hit him. Kinney subdued the alien and left him in an apparent unconscious condition on the highway. Kinney went to the aid of Inspector Fleckinger, at which time his attention was drawn back to the alien who was observed to be staggering across the international boundary into Mexico. Inspector Fleckinger was taken to a hospital in Calexico by a passer-by. He died from gunshot wounds that evening.