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Franklin P. Wood 12-15-1927.jpg

Franklin P. Wood

End of Watch

December 15, 1927

1 Mourning Badge

Patrol Inspector Franklin P. Wood, stationed at Sibley, Michigan, disappeared on the early morning of December 15, 1927. On the Detroit River near Wyandotte, Michigan, under cover of darkness, Patrol Inspectors Wood, James W. Oliver, and Chief Patrol Inspector Ivan A. Hall, patrolled in search of smugglers expected in the area. Two boats containing contraband liquor had been seized and were being guarded when Inspector Wood left to pursue another boat operating in the vicinity of Wyandotte. He left in pursuit of one boat load of aliens, while his fellow officers pursued another. His wrecked boat, rammed by the smugglers, was found on the river some time after Patrol Inspector Wood was last seen. Patrol Inspector Wood either drowned or was killed by the smugglers and thrown into the river. His body was never found.

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