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Ralph Ramsey 2-26-1942.jpg

Ralph W. Ramsey

End of Watch

February 26, 1942

1 Mourning Badge

Patrol Inspector Ralph W. Ramsey was killed on February 26, 1942, in Columbus, New Mexico, while attempting to board a freight train in search of aliens illegally in the United States. Patrol Inspector Harry E. Lennon, in charge of the two-man unit stationed in Columbus, was working with Inspector Ramsey at the time of the accident and related the following concerning the events at the time of the accident. The officers, while patrolling to the east of Columbus, observed an open boxcar on a regular west bound freight heading towards Columbus. The officers returned to Columbus, checked an east bound freight train at a siding, and awaited the incoming west bound train. Inspector Ramsey took up a position between the siding and the main line while Inspector Lennon stood opposite him across the main line tracks. It was customary that the train crew halt the west bound freight at a water tower. The officers had stationed themselves in the vicinity of the open box car they had observed. On this occasion, however, the train did not stop but proceeded on in order to clear the main track for the train on the siding. Apparently, Inspector Ramsey attempted to board the train when the open boxcar passed him. The first indication Inspector Lennon had that an accident had occurred was when he noticed an object beneath the moving train and realized it was his partner's body. As soon as the train passed, Inspector Lennon rushed to Inspector Ramsey. Death occurred within seconds after he reached his side.

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