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Doyne C. Melton 12-7-1933.jpg

Doyne C. Melton

End of Watch

December 7, 1933

1 Mourning Badge

Patrol Inspector Melton was shot and killed in a battle with Mexican smugglers in El Paso.  Six Patrol Inspectors were moving up in the darkness on seventeen Mexican smugglers who were wading across the river with packs of liquor. One of three smugglers acting as spotters who had preceded the main body of the smugglers over the river, concealed beneath a platform on the American side, opened hostilities by shooting Inspector Melton. The opening shot was fired without warning and before any challenge had been given. Inspector Melton was shot through the heart, dying instantly. The bitterness of the fight was evidenced by the fact that in addition to the slaying of Inspector Melton, four smugglers were killed and another was wounded.

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