William D. McCalib

End of Watch

January 7, 1930

On January 7, 1930, Patrol Inspector William D. McCalib, together with Senior Patrol Inspector West, apprehended Pedro Rendon, at Alice, Texas. Rendon was suspected of being an alien unlawfully in the United States. Rendon claimed that the proprietor of a restaurant in Alice could vouch for him and, accordingly, the officers put Rendon in the back seat of the car and drove to the restaurant. Senior Patrol Inspector West entered the establishment to interview the proprietor while Inspector McCalib remained in the car with Rendon. During West's absence, Rendon drew a pistol and shot McCalib in the back of the head, killing him instantly. Rendon was subdued and taken into custody by Senior Patrol Inspector West. It was later discovered that Rendon, alias Jose Ramirez, was an escaped convict.

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