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Charles A. Gardiner

End of Watch

October 21, 1922

Mounted Guard Charles Gardiner was shot and killed in the Upper Valley of El Paso County, Texas. He and several other officers noticed a suspicious wagon being driven along a road by two men. The officers stopped the wagon, and as they advanced the suspects opened fire and fled. Mounted Guard Gardiner and another officer were wounded in the initial round of fire. The officers returned fire as the suspects waded across the Rio Grande River and escaped into Mexico. Several sacks containing 12 bottles of tequila were found in the wagon. Both wounded officers were taken to the hospital, where Mounted Guard Gardiner died on Saturday, October 21, 1922, at 5:00 a.m. Mounted Guard Gardiner was survived by his wife and children. He had served with the agency for four yearsr. He was buried in Concordia Cemetery in El Paso, Texas.